dance 8

Welcome to dance 8 - the fresh, new, fun introduction to freestyle dance!


Discipline, confidence and self-esteem... a dance education contributes to all these qualities. I invite you to take a moment to learn about our school, and the philosophy and goals to which we aspire.

We strive to create a warm and encouraging environment, promoting self-confidence, individuality, fitness and positive attitude. We do this by encouraging children to express themselves by wearing what they want, having a say in the music they dance to, and even sharing steps and moves of their own with the rest of the class.

dance 8 is fun, up to the minute dance tuition. We are not a typical dance school. We give the pupils and their parents what they want and that is - TO LEARN TO DANCE. We do not put our pupils through exams or competitions or expect them to pay for expensive uniforms. It is not ballet, tap or modern:- it is dance 8, a fresh, new, fun introduction to freestyle dance.

With films such as High School Musical, Camp Rock, Hannah Montana and all the media hype surrounding dance groups such as Flawless, and Diversity (winners of  Britain’s Got Talent 2009), freestyle dance is really in the spotlight. This is encouraging more boys and girls to express themselves through this style of dance. Classes are held on Saturdays in Hiltingbury, Chandlers Ford.


The ambition is to develop dancers to their highest potential in a positive environment that is both instructive and fun. Our objective is to provide every dancer with the best opportunity to develop their dancing technique, in addition to important life skills such as discipline, confidence and teamwork. This task is accomplished by hiring the most experienced staff that have a passion for dance, and the desire and the enthusiasm to educate young people.

All classes at dance 8 are limited in size, to allow us to provide the individual attention we feel is so necessary to the student. All staff are police checked and dance 8 hold public liability insurance. Age as well as ability determines class placement.



Keely Allan

07887 640660

Parents say... child has grown in confidence...

...friendly, welcoming, fun and energetic

...flexibility and fitness are much improved...

fun, and a great way to keep fit and healthy too