Latest News - 18/3/20

Hi everyone.

Ok so I said last week that I will stay open in line with school closures, however after government announcement about restricting gatherings I would like your opinions.

Our opinion is, Jimmy and I would like to run the class this Saturday 21st and then reassess on a weekly basis.

Our class sizes are small, so as long as personal hygiene is of paramount importance and no one attends class if they or any member of their immediate family has even mild symptoms,  I believe this weekend's class can go ahead. I will also arrive early to the hall to clean all handles, surfaces, light switches etc. before the children arrive. 

Jimmy and I have discussed and are in the process of recording some lessons to put on the website in the event we cannot finish the last two weeks of this term. This will give the pupils an opportunity to dance and continue to learn at home. 

Running class this Saturday will give Tiny Dancers one more session to try to get their routines finished for the Dance Off. I will then record both dances, step by step and create a Whats app group for parents so I can share videos allowing the children to practise. 

For the last 10 years you guys are my dance family and everyone has been so supportive. Being a dance teacher is my only income and as like so many it is worrying times.

Fingers crossed we all get through this safe and sound which bottom line is all that’s important. Stay safe.



Jimmy Allan Urban Dance - Mondays 4.45pm - 5.45pm

Studio 4, Places Leisure Eastleigh.

Age 8-14 years, all abilities.

£6 per session.

   jimmy allan urban dance class

Payment Details

Cash or Bank transfer is preferred but cheques will be accepted.

I would prefer cash payment as the bank charges for cheques but cheque payment is fine. I would prefer not to be paid by PayPal as I also get charged a handling fee.

If you would like to do a bank transfer that is another option but please quote child's name and class they attend.

Bank details are:

Dance 8

Sort code 309294

Account 02363738